Is Your Employer Watching? About Surveillance Cameras & Workers Compensation

Surveillance cameras at work – Understand that your employer is watching

Many employers have cameras recording your daily activities.  I personally worked in house for an insurance carrier for 17 years.  In that time, I reviewed countless surveillance videos of injured workers.  Most fast food restaurants, banks, hospitals, and many private businesses maintain cameras that will be recording your every activity.  When you report a workplace injury, you need to remember that these cameras do exist.  Therefore, there is a high likelihood that your employer will have video footage of your injury.  When you report your claim to the employer, they will pull the video footage of your injury, save it, and forward the video to the insurance carrier.  When discussing your injury with your employer or adjuster, know that they may have already seen video of the event.


Please watch the video below for someone who apparently was not aware or advised that video cameras in the workplace exist.

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