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We care for our clients. We work on a case-by-case basis. We personally and meticulously go through each case file and keep our clients informed at every step of the process. Berlin Law Firm was designed with the intent of listening to your concerns and questions and we are eager to help each and every person get the attention and help that they deserve.

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Stephen Berlin, Managing Attorney at Berlin Law Firm

Stephen Berlin, Managing Attorney

Thomas Scully, Esq.

Thomas Scully, Partner

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Amanda Annunciata, Partner

Our team at Berlin Law Firm leverages more than 30 years of experience in this complex field and has an in-depth understanding of tactics used by insurance carriers to deny benefits or diminish the value of your claim. Our founder, Stephen Berlin, once managed a major insurance carrier’s legal department.

Our top-tier attorneys have earned numerous accolades and awards for professional excellence, ethical standards, and legal expertise. We are formidable and honest advocates for all kinds of workers’ compensation claims and treat each client with the compassion and respect they deserve.

We keep your best interests at the forefront as we work diligently to achieve the best results in your work injury claim. Meet our skilled and dedicated attorneys at Berlin Law Firm.

Learn About Florida Workers’ Compensation

Construction worker injured at work on job site

About Workers’ Comp

The workers’ compensation system is complex and can be confusing. Learn more about navigating the system.

Injured worker in wheel chair wheels down a hall

Your Rightful Benefits

If you were injured at work or due to work-related activities, you can likely recover benefits under Florida workers’ comp.

Injury Florida Worker Completes Workers Comp Claim Form

Denied Claims

A claim denial is not the end of the road. Learn your legal options for your next steps in the workers’ comp system.

Work Injuries and Conditions

With more than three decades of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, we are familiar with almost every type of job-related injury–from carpal tunnel syndrome to muscle strains and broken bones. Our attorneys have successfully handled challenging cases stemming from fatal work accidents, repetitive stress injuries, as well as pre-existing conditions that were aggravated at work.

Neck, Back and Spinal Injuries

Florida Workers Comp Back Injury Lawyer

Knee, Shoulder and Joint Injuries

Knee, Shoulder and Joint

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Vision and Hearing Loss

Vision Loss

Fatal Work Accidents

Fatal Work Accidents

Repetitive Use Injuries

Repetitive Use Injuries

Lady grabs her elbow due to arthritis pain

Pre-existing Conditions

Bearded worker carries heavy load in warehouse

Herniated Discs and Workers Comp Settlements

Man receives hearing implant for his work-related hearing loss

Workers’ Compensation for Hearing Loss

Chef cooking with fire in commercial kitchen

Burn Injuries and Florida Workers’ Compensation

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Person in wheelchair after catastrophic work injury

We cover catastrophic work injuries.

Serious injuries are life-altering. Permanent paralysis cases require insurance carriers to pay vast amounts of money. Our job is to make sure this money is spent to provide our clients with accessible homes and the durable medical equipment they need. This may include motorized wheelchairs, hoyer lifts and specially-equipped vans. Full-time or part-time attendant care may be required for the rest of your life. Costs can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are here to make sure that these needs are thoroughly addressed.

close up of hard hat with injured man sitting in the background

Common Types of Work Accidents

Every industry has inherent safety risks, whether you’re working in a factory or a modern office environment. Most life-threatening and fatal work accidents occur on construction sites. Excavation crew members, welders, electricians, carpenters, operators of heavy machinery, and laborers are exposed to many hazards.

Typical construction accidents causing serious injury or death involve falls from heights, machine entanglement and rollovers, falling objects, electrocution, scaffold or crane failures, and structural collapses.

Various types of work accidents can happen in seemingly safe settings. Workers may suffer repetitive motion injuries or fall on slippery or cluttered flooring. If you have doubts about whether your workplace accident is covered under Florida law, contact our accomplished workers’ compensation attorneys for guidance.

Time is of the essence!

When your employer’s insurance agency hears about your injury, they look for ways to compromise your claim. Don’t wait a minute! Let Berlin Law Firm turn the tables in your favor. Reach out today for a free consultation with our accomplished worker’s compensation attorneys.

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