Has Workers Compensation Denied Your Prescriptions?

Has Workers Compensation Denied your Prescriptions?

lady takes her medication as prescribed by her doctor

In Florida, with one exception (the untimely provision of a one-time change after a written request), the insurance company has the right to choose your medical providers.  However, injured workers have the absolute right to choose their pharmacy and/or the means to obtain or receive their prescriptive medications.

Florida Worker’s Compensation insurance companies routinely contract with pharmacies and even medical providers to obtain discounted rates on prescriptive medications. Additionally, it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to audit and restrict what medications they will allow their chosen physicians to prescribe. As such, the injured worker’s right to select their chosen pharmacy is extremely important!

Prescription delivery for injured workers

Our knowledgeable Florida workers’ compensation lawyers at Berlin Law Firm can help you obtain the actual prescriptions recommended by your physicians by helping direct you to a pharmacy that does not require preauthorization of medications, ships medications overnight WITHOUT PRIOR CARRIER APPROVAL, and refuses to allow carriers to pre-negotiate and thereby control what medications they are willing to provide.

At Berlin Law Firm, immediately upon signing as a client, we will get you signed up with Injured Worker’s Pharmacy so that you can take back control of your prescriptions. It is essential that insurance companies do not control what medications are prescribed or which medications they will provide. Your recovery is too important to allow unscrupulous Worker’s Compensation insurance companies to control your medication based on the cost of the medication versus its effectiveness.

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Our team has helped thousands of injured Florida take back control of their prescriptions. We have offices in Sarasota and Tampa and offer no-fee, no-obligation consultations to all injured Florida workers.

Please call us after you have suffered a work-related injury so that we can get you directed to Injured Workers Pharmacy so that the  ACTUAL prescriptions recommended by your physicians are provided and that they are done so on an expedited basis. If you hire us to help you, we will fight for your right to get all prescription benefits recommended by your treating physicians.

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