“I started this firm with the intention of telling the truth, your truth.  Every person has a story if someone just takes the time to listen. There are many lawyers who are only concerned with the bottom line and do not care about your life struggles as a result of your work injury.  It is my goal to help people as they deserve to be helped, through fair representation, honest work, and a relentless pursuit of bettering this community.”

Insurance companies employ various methods to either deny your claim or minimize the compensation benefits to which you are entitled. I know all of these tactics and will not let their methods work to deny you the compensation you are entitled and deserve.

berlin-law-firm-officeAt our firm, we work on a case by case basis. We personally and meticulously go through each case-file and keep the client informed in every step of the process. Berlin Law Firm was designed with the intent of listening to your concerns and questions and we are eager to help each and every person get the attention and help that they deserve. As a result we are among the highest esteemed workers compensation lawyers in Florida.

If you’ve been injured due to a work-related incident, we want to sincerely help you. We want to educate and inform you of all the options that are usually hidden from you. Our teams goal is to work out your concerns and fears. These ordeals are stressful in themselves and having to deal with the insurance companies and losses due to the injury shouldn’t be.

Our aim is to spread the truth, your truth. Contact us to discuss your options.