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Repetitive Use Injuries and Florida Workers’ Comp

Never assume that because you did not have a specific incident or injury, you don’t have a claim!

Repetitive use injury claims can take the form of many different injuries. Too often, injured workers assume that because they did not have a specific traumatic event, they are not entitled to benefits for their injuries or disability. That is not the case.

Repetitive injuries are caused by the continual assertion or strain of a work-related activity. They can be caused by continued heavy lifting or more common repetitive tasks such as machine work or typing.

Neither your employer nor insurance carrier wants you to know that any pain-causing limitation in your activities can be the result of your work activities and entitle you to medical benefits and/or lost wages. Don’t wait until you are in so much pain that your injuries prevent you from working or even completing your everyday tasks at home.

If you have pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knees hands, or wrists as a result of the everyday activities and stresses of your job, turn to our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Berlin Law Firm and give us a call.

Receive Every Possible Benefit You Are Entitled To

Our firm is dedicated to handling workers’ compensation cases for clients across Florida. We will help you navigate the workers’ compensation system as you receive the proper treatment for the injuries you have sustained.

Having practiced only workers’ compensation law for over 22 years, our workers’ compensation attorneys are exceptional allies in the fight for the benefits you deserve. Our knowledge of medical professionals around the state is extensive and we will readily determine if you have been properly evaluated and tested by your physician for your repetitive injury.

After you have sustained a repetitive motion injury, you often cannot return to the same type of job that you were doing when the injury occurred. Returning to a repetitive job may result in a re-injury or a worsening of your condition. We will review your options with you if you cannot return to your pre-injury job. Attorney Stephen Berlin and his team will pursue the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to.

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