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The construction industry is vital for the growth and maintenance of our infrastructure. However, these jobs often entail working in dangerous conditions.

For example, the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) addresses scaffolding hazards that can cause serious, life-threatening injuries. If a worker survives, they may face an avalanche of medical bills and be unable to return to work. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to provide financial relief.

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Florida as a No-Fault Workers’ Comp State

Because Florida is a no-fault workers’ comp state, you may be eligible to receive benefits even if you were partially or fully responsible for the accident.

Essentially, workers’ comp prevents legal issues between an employer and an employee. As a result, accident victims can receive the same benefits whether they or their employer were at fault.

Benefits Available Under Workers’ Compensation

These benefits provide financial assistance related to your medical costs, inability to work in the same capacity as before the accident, and more.

There are three types of benefits you may receive via workers’ compensation in Florida:

  • All medical costs include visits to the Emergency Room, hospital stays, doctor visits, surgeries and procedures, assistive devices, prescription drugs, and physical therapy. However, you will have to be seen by an authorized provider to receive workers’ compensation medical benefits.
  • Lost wages. This will be a percentage of the amount you would have been paid had you not been forced to miss work due to your injuries. Your lost wages benefits will vary based on the severity and permanence of your injuries.
  • Additional benefits include vocational rehabilitation, designed to assist an individual who has sustained an injury to achieve maximum medical improvement.

You can learn more about maximizing your benefits here. 

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Workers’ compensation laws and regulations are complex, so it’s always wise to speak with an experienced scaffolding accident lawyer as soon as possible. Hard-working and dedicated legal counsel can make all the difference while you focus on healing from your catastrophic injuries sustained in a work accident.

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