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10 Key Steps to a Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim


It is almost impossible for injured workers to know what steps they need to take immediately after an accident, or what mistakes to avoid. Follow these 10 steps.

  1. Be sure to report your on-the-job injury both verbally, and in writing, as soon as possible after your accident takes place. If you get hurt on a Friday, do not wait until Monday to give your employer notice of your injury. Inform your employer about all parts of your body that have been injured.
  2. Be sure to list all of your symptoms and all parts of your body that have been injured when you meet with each of your treating physicians.
  3. After you have given notice of your accident, ask your employer for the contact individual with the insurance Carrier..
  4. Consult with your attorney so that you will know the right questions to ask your doctor before you consent to invasive procedures or surgery.
  5. Don’t post anything on social media throughout the entire time that you are involved in the workers’ compensation process.
  6. You are not permitted to earn money from a second job when you are being paid temporary total disability benefits if your doctor had placed you on a no work status.
  7. Always talk to your attorney about the different types of workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to under Florida law. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to be reimbursed for any wage loss you suffer while you are working light duty, the right to be reimbursed for roundtrip mileage to all of your medical appointments and the right to be reimbursed for all of your injury related prescriptions.
  8. Do not attempt to settle your claim directly with the insurance adjuster. Listen to your lawyer’s advice regarding the value of your case and how the workers’ compensation settlement process works. In almost every instance, the insurance Carrier will attempt to negotiate a settlement with you prior to you hiring an attorney.
  9. Make sure that you check with your lawyer to find out whether you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent third-party who caused your accident.
  10. Do not exceed the restrictions given to you by your authorized treating physician or you risk having your weekly benefits suspended.

Stephen Berlin has over 22 years of experience dealing with the insurance carriers. If you, a friend, or a loved one has suffered a serious workplace injury, call Mr. Berlin at 941-217-2375 today for an expert, completely confidential consultation.

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Written by: Stephen Berlin, Esq.
For 17 years, Stephen Berlin managed the in-house legal operation for a major Florida workers’ compensation carrier. Stephen Berlin completed his undergraduate work at the prestigious Vanderbilt University and received his law degree and MBA from the University of Florida. He has spoken at over 100 workers’ compensation seminars in Florida and represents clients from all walks of life with the utmost dedication.