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Rotator Cuff Injuries and Florida Workers’ Comp 

The rotator cuff is comprised of the tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injuries are common in the workplace, typically through repetitive shoulder motions over an extended period, repeated lifting of heavy objects, or by attempting to stop a fall with an outstretched hand.  

If you injure your shoulder while on the job, you will likely qualify for workers comp benefits to cover medical bills and a portion of your lost wages. Navigating the workers’ comp system on your own can be challenging, especially when your claim is delayed, denied, or undervalued by your employer’s insurance company.  

Unfortunately, roadblocks like these are often put in the way of legitimate claims to protect the insurer’s bottom line. To protect your rights to maximum compensation, it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable Florida workers’ compensation lawyer representing your best interests. Reach out to Berlin Law Firm today for a free consultation with our experienced attorneys.  

What is the average workers’ comp settlement amount for a rotator cuff injury?   

Data from the National Safety Council suggests that, at the low end, settlements for a repetitive stress injury or tendon strain or sprain will be between $17,000 and $35,000. Those amounts include both medical costs and expenses, and indemnity for the injured worker’s lost wages.  

A more severe shoulder injury – including a rotator cuff tear – may justify a substantially larger settlement, particularly if the worker needs a longer recovery period or the injury leads to a permanent or total disability that prevents them from returning to regular job duties.  

One of our workers’ comp attorneys can review the specific facts of your injury and the medical prognosis to establish the fair and accurate value of your claim.  

A doctor helping adjust the shoulder and arm of an injured patient

How does rotator cuff shoulder surgery affect a Florida workers’ comp claim? 

Injured workers who require surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff can expect to incur between $50,000 and $100,000 in medical costs and expenses and require at least 7 months for a full recovery before returning to work.  

In view of this, the average workers’ comp settlement for rotator cuff surgery will be substantially higher than settlements that do not include a surgical component. 

How can legal counsel improve the outcome of a rotator cuff workers’ compensation claim? 

Insurance companies in Florida are aware of the higher costs associated with medical treatments for rotator cuff tears and often subject workers’ comp claims for shoulder injuries to greater scrutiny. If the insurer has even a slim basis to conclude that a rotator cuff injury is not work-related, it will likely deny the claim or offer only partial benefits.  

A worker’s comp lawyer can challenge that denial and use extensive factual and legal analysis to demonstrate that a worker’s rotator cuff tear or other shoulder problem is a work injury. That analysis might include evidence of: 

  • A specific work-related event, such as a fall or entrapment in an enclosed space, that caused a traumatic impact on the worker’s shoulder 
  • Information from job descriptions that show how the worker’s assigned tasks included repetitive shoulder rotations 
  • Industry accident reports show the prevalence of shoulder injuries among workers who perform job tasks that are analogous to the worker’s tasks 
  • Testimony from medical and occupational experts explains how the worker’s job responsibilities were the most likely cause of a rotator cuff injury. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve for Your Work-Related Shoulder Injury  

The Florida workers’ comp attorneys at Berlin Law Firm understand how debilitating a rotator cuff injury can be. Injured workers who attempt to push through rotator cuff pain rather than seeking the workers’ comp benefits they deserve might complicate the shoulder injury. They might also impair their ability to file a workers’ compensation claim if they wait too long after a work-related accident or the onset of shoulder pain due to a repetitive motion injury. 

If you are experiencing shoulder pain from a work-related accident or due to the regular tasks associated with your job, call the Sarasota or Tampa offices of the Berlin Law Firm for a no-fee consultation.  

We will review your claim and provide a preliminary assessment of its strength and value. We’ll also outline strategies for how we can get you the largest workers’ comp benefit package possible to reimburse your medical expenses and provide regular income while you are unable to work. 

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