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Florida Workers Comp Paralysis Lawyer 

A severe work injury can leave you paralyzed, strip you of your ability to perform essential job functions and earn a living to provide for yourself and your family. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury that has resulted in paralysis, do not lose hope. Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, you deserve compensation for injuries suffered on the job.  

The Florida work injury lawyers at Berlin Law Firm can help. With law offices in Sarasota and Tampa, we have the skills and experience that workplace paralysis claims require. Our knowledgeable legal team is here to guide you through all aspects of the workers’ comp process and fight for the benefits you need.

worker left paralyzed with crutches after work accident

Paralysis and Workers’ Compensation Claims 

Paralyzing injuries can strike workers in almost any field. For people who work in physically demanding roles such as construction workers, nurses, and heavy machinery operators, back and neck injuries can damage the nerves of the spinal cord and cause paralysis to one or more extremities. Even people who work in desk jobs can suffer paralysis if conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome progress and cause permanent nerve damage in the hands and wrists. 

From the perspective of your potential workers’ compensation claim, the key questions regarding paralysis are: 

What part of the body is paralyzed?  

Paralysis can occur in a single limb or even a single muscle, but severe injuries can affect more of the body. For instance, an injury to the lumbar spine that severs the connection between the brain and the legs may result in limited use or paralysis in both legs, also known as paraplegia.  

An injury higher in the spine may sever the brain’s connection to all four limbs, resulting in partial or complete paralysis of all four limbs, also known as quadriplegia. 

How severe is the paralysis?  

Total paralysis prevents you from moving the affected body part at all, while partial paralysis, also known as paresis, allows some movement and control. A person with partial paralysis may still be able to work or may have to transition to a new or modified role, depending on their job duties and the nature and location of the paralysis. 

How long is the paralysis expected to last?  

A paralyzing injury that is only temporary may entitle you to temporary total disability benefits if you are not able to work at all, and temporary partial disability benefits if you can work, but with restrictions. If your workplace injury paralyzes you for life, you may be entitled to permanent total disability benefits or impairment benefits if your injury permanently restricts your ability to work. 

Our lawyers can help you determine how your condition will affect your paralysis workers comp claim, and devise a legal strategy designed to maximize your benefits. If your employer tries to limit or deny the benefits you are entitled to, we can draw upon our extensive experience in this area of law to provide you with the strong representation you need. 

Workers Compensation - Your Rightful Benefits

Benefits for Paralyzing Injuries 

If you are paralyzed after a work injury, a key question on your mind is likely: What benefits am I entitled to? 

Generally, injured workers in Florida are entitled to

  • Medical benefits: Including compensation for emergency medical treatment, doctor’s visits, medication, MRI examinations, X-rays and other expenses related to your care and treatment. 
  • Rehabilitation and vocational therapy: Rehabilitative therapy is designed to help you regain feeling and mobility in paralyzed body parts, while vocational therapy can help you learn skills that allow you to adjust to working with impaired mobility, or adjust to other work. Both may be necessary after a workplace injury that has left you paralyzed. 
  • Lost wages: Temporary total disability benefits generally equal two-thirds of your rate of pay at the time of your accident. If you are permanently disabled, your compensation will be determined by your disability rating and your condition and ability to work when you reach maximum medical improvement. 

At Berlin Law Firm, we understand how paralysis in the Florida workers’ comp system is generally addressed and can help you compile the medical evidence you need for a successful claim. 

Talk to a Lawyer Who Can Secure Your Benefits 

As traumatic as a paralyzing injury can be, the law offers hope for future financial stability. Our Florida workers’ compensation lawyers have more than 30 years of experience helping injured workers like you or your loved one.  

We will guide you through every step of the process of obtaining your benefits and, if necessary, appeal a denied claim. Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today. From law offices in Sarasota and Tampa, we serve injured workers throughout Florida. 

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