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Workers Compensation New Client Checklist

  1. Keep a record of all important events, date and time of injury, dates of all medical appointments.
  2. Request and maintain a copy of every medical report from all providers.
  3. Never give a recorded interview to the insurance carrier or a representative
  4. Never allow a representative of the insurance carrier to attend your medical appointments.
  5. Whenever a settlement offer is made to you by the insurance company, always consult with an attorney.  You are not obligated to hire an attorney and can still accept any such offer.  There is absolutely nothing to lose by having an attorney consider the reasonableness of any offer.
  6. Never refuse suitable work provided by the employer that is within your restrictions.  Refusal will bar you from receipt of lost wages during the period of such refusal.
  7. Never refuse or delay the taking of a post- accident drug test.  Your refusal will be used against you and the law presumes that you would have tested positive.  Refusal is the same as if the test had come back positive.
  8. Never presume that you are not entitled to benefits merely because you were not performing a work-related task.  In most instances, if your injury occurred at work, you are entitled to benefits.
  9. Never discuss you case with your co-workers or friends.  The insurance company will be speaking with everyone involved and if they remain employed with your employer, your employer will encourage them to speak on the employers behalf.
  10. Always presume that the insurance company is videotaping every time you travel to and from doctor appointments.  It is at those times that the Carrier has actual knowledge of where and when you will be at a certain place.  If your physician ever tells you that they have seen videotaped surveillance, IMMEDIATELY contact an attorney as that surveillance can be thrown out if disclosed to the physician without your knowledge.

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Written by: Stephen Berlin, Esq.
For 17 years, Stephen Berlin managed the in-house legal operation for a major Florida workers’ compensation carrier. Stephen Berlin completed his undergraduate work at the prestigious Vanderbilt University and received his law degree and MBA from the University of Florida. He has spoken at over 100 workers’ compensation seminars in Florida and represents clients from all walks of life with the utmost dedication.