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We care for our clients. We work on a case by case basis. We personally and meticulously go through each case-file and keep the client informed in every step of the process. Berlin Law Firm was designed with the intent of listening to your concerns and questions and we are eager to help each and every person get the attention and help that they deserve.


We cover catastrophic injuries.

Serious injuries are life-altering. Permanent paralysis cases require insurance carriers to pay vast amounts of money. Our job is to make sure this money is spent to provide our clients with accessible homes and the durable medical equipment they need. This may include motorized wheelchairs, hoyer lifts and specially-equipped vans. Full-time or part-time attendant care may be required for the rest of your life. Costs can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are here to make sure that these needs are thoroughly addressed.

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10 Key Steps to a Successful Workers’ Comp. Claim

It is almost impossible for injured workers to know what steps they need to take immediately after an accident, or what mistakes to avoid. Follow these 10 steps. Be sure to report your on-the-job injury both verbally, and in writing, as soon as possible after your accident takes place. If you get hurt on a…

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Top 10 most frequently reported worker’s compensation injuries

Statistics unfortunately tell us that serious workplace injuries occur in Florida and throughout the United States on a daily basis. Out of the top 10 most common injuries on the job, it is important to keep in mind that the majority of these incidents can happen unexpectedly to anyone at any time. Here are the…

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Ten Facts About Surveillance Every Injured Worker in Florida Needs to Know

Surveillance is alive and well and is being used more frequently than ever by employers and insurers in  Florida workers’ compensation cases, particularly in light of the current economic climate. IF SURVEILLANCE CATCHES YOU, THE VALUE OF YOUR CASE WILL SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASE OR VANISH! Private investigators often conduct surveillance when injured workers have doctors’ appointments….

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Time is of the essence!

As soon as your employers insurance agency hears about your injury they begin searching out ways to compromise your claim. Don’t wait a minute! Let Berlin Law Firm turn the tables in your favor.