Vision and Hearing Loss

Losing two out of five senses is devastating in itself, doing so because of a work-related injury is even more disastrous. According to the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control, more than 2 million workers, every day, are exposed to noise levels that have a high risk of hearing loss and 2,000 workers are treated every day due to work-related eye injuries.

There are numerous workplace injuries that can affect your vision and hearing including:

  • Dust or other particles that get into the eyes
  • Falling or flying debris
  • Chemical exposure
  • Sparks or burns

In addition, OSHA and the CDC have designed guidelines that should limit the amount of time workers spend in environments with noise levels above 85 dBa to under 8 hours.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Hearing and Vision Loss

Losing your sight or hearing, even temporarily, due to a work injury is a serious ordeal and should not be taken lightly. Immediate assessment and treatment should be pursued.

At our firm, we realize the gravity of these injuries and how they can disrupt your health and financial future. We are experienced workers’ compensation lawyers and we want to work with you in order to get your life back on track.

Insurance companies are tricky and will do anything possible to deny coverage and pay the least amount out to you, and we know that. Our goal is to get you compensated fairly for any loss of benefits or wages and, more importantly, to get you the treatment options that will best get you back to living life stress-free.

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