Posted by Shabie October 14, 2021

The lawyer and paralegal got me an amazing settlement and was on the ball. They understood the assignment… thanks to everyone for their hard work and getting me the highest amount. I know you got a lot of yelling from opposing counsel, but you did it without breaking a 😅

Posted by Donald June 28, 2021

When I got injured on the job it was very overwhelming. I didn’t know much about workman Comp. It was suggested to me to retain an attorney. I called Berlin law firm. They took care of everything right from the beginning. Amanda was my Attorney and I can’t say enough good things about her and her assistant Sydney. I was extremely happy with the outcome. Do yourself a favor if you are injured on the job call Berlin Law. I don’t recommend going through this process alone. You will be glad that you did.

Posted by Rose May 4, 2021

Berlin Law Firm is an A rated law firm that guides you every step of the way.

Posted by Lynda April 1, 2021

Very helpful. Really liked working with Mrs Sydney and Mrs Amanda. They did a good job!

Posted by Rose March 4, 2021

My lawyer did an excellent job in settling my workmen’s comp claim. They were very professional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that would need an attorney to represent them in a workmen’s comp case.

Posted by Jose February 6, 2021

Sydney and Amanda did a great job.  Thanks

Posted by Bob November 11, 2020

There is No Better Law Firm and That’s Being Totally Honest. They Care about you and Work Hard for their Clients and They Get you The Biggest and The Most of a Return on your injury. They make No Promises They Can’t Keep but They Blew me away Getting Me More than I Expected….. Thank you to Everyone at The Firm for working hard for Me and Making sure I was Well Taken Care of !!!!! 👍👍👍👍 5 Stars isn’t Enough God Bless y’all Stay Safe ❤️

Posted by Shannon September 4, 2020

At the time of my accident I was working in a nursing home. You really had to work for your pay which included being short staffed. I was on WC for about a month before my husband said you should be getting paid. Mind you I was unable to walk at all, couldn’t shower without help, and I had 4 kids to still tend to. All I got from management was attitudes and why I can’t work. So after calling several attorneys who didn’t want to take me on due to the severity of my case, Berlin law firm did. They were very attentive to all my needs, they rushed medication orders, they took care of everything. Every time I emailed them they emailed right back. They were awesome! I would recommend them 1,000 times over.

Posted by Marlon August 14, 2020

My attorney helped me he took my phone call in said he would do his best for me in he’s been there every since! This Law Firm is filled with caring professionals who take pride in helping others! I am so glad I picked up the phone in called you all in my time of need! Mr. Scully thank you Job well done!!!!

Posted by Tyler July 27, 2020

I worked for a roofing supply company for the past three and a half years. During that time the physical demand of the job took a toll on my body, and accidents were many, so much so that I had three different Worker’s’ Compensation claims that were still active. I don’t use FB much, but one night I happened to log in and came across an ad promoting Workers’ Comp Law Firms. It asked if you had any claims in the past three years, and if so, to “enter your information in to be contacted by a law firm near you!”…. so I did. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much to come from it, but hey, it was worth a try, right? The next morning I was contacted by Berlin Law Firm. I spoke with them on the phone for about an hour and explain the circumstances of my claims, for which they promptly accepted to represent me on. The fact that I happened across that ad must’ve been divine intervention, because I felt trapped at that job. The benefits were great ( top end medical/dental/vision, 401k match and profit sharing, PTO and sick days ) and the pay was okay, but man did you have to work for it! However, as we all know, the job market isn’t the best around here, especially when you have a tainted past. So I definitely felt trapped and it was depressing me to the fullest. Well, I’m happy to say that Berlin Law freed me from that trap! Our day to day contact was handled by Sydney, I was represented by Amanda, and Steve Berlin finished it of with the mediation. They were extremely attentive the entire time, and man, did they own it! So if you find yourself in a similar situation then I highly recommend that you contact Berlin Law. Even if it’s for a quick assessment. Trust me, with their combined professional experience, you’ll be in great hands and you will NOT regret it! Thanks for freeing me, Berlin Law! : )

Posted by Dawn June 20, 2020

Berlin Law helped me with my workers comp case against Home Depot. I was stonewalled for almost 2 years; Berlin law got my medical care squared away and a settlement for surgery in less than 6 months with no long trial, no back and forth. Stephen Berlin himself contacted me right away and walked me through everything, and his amazing office staff and paralegal team (Carol and Stephanie) were always in contact with every step and update. I couldn’t have had a better legal team representing me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! Thank you for everything! Don’t call anyone else. Go with Berlin Law!

Posted by Robert June 8, 2020

Such a great firm. Everyone was very concerned and , very caring since day one. To me it was overwhelming what I had to face they made me feel as if I was the only client they had , I am so very thankful . If you have an issue with workman’s comp , this firm is the way to go. They will treat you like family and, answer every question you could possibly have . They even dealt with my attitude on occasion , again thank you all so much . Sydney , Brittany, my lawyer , if I could give you all ten stars I would .

Posted by  James May 22, 2020

Wonderful Job.

Posted by  Kethnide March 14, 2020

My experience with Berlin Law was above and beyond my expectations. My lawyer and Paralegal Lindsay did a wonderful job with my case. I will recommend Berlin Law Firm to anyone who’s in need of a great Lawyer. I was very pleased with the service i received. Thank you.

Posted by Dawn January 26, 2020

Steve Berlin is the best Attorney ever. Extremely Family based attitribute and very very kind. He’s aggressive in the laws benifiting the injured workers.

Posted by Gary January 24, 2020

The Berlin law firm was not only the upmost professional but very efficient . They gave 100% of time and effort handling my case. Stephen Berlin was personally involved in my case. I reccomend HIGHLY. They really care and the get results.

Posted by Jesse December 30, 2019

After having a terrible experience with a different law firm, Berlin law firm took over my case. They are extremely professional. I recommend them to anyone who needs a good workers comp lawyer. Thank you for all your help, Amanda, Sydney, Carol, Lindsey. special thanks to you guys. You all make a team of excellence. Again thank you.

Posted by James December 10, 2019

Thanks so much Mr. Berlin to you your staff and even the dog I am so grateful to all of you for a job well done may you be blessed as you have blessed me thanks for your support and kindness

Posted by Mark December 2, 2019

Very professional , were on top of my case beginning to the end. Sit back relax and heal from your injuries and they will take care of everything else. They will work to get you the most money. awesome attorneys top notch.

Posted by Mike September 11, 2019

Great staff and lawyers I would recommend them to anyone.

Posted by Jen August 21, 2019

I absolutely enjoyed the professionalism and accuracy and a courtesy the ladies provided to me.  They provided me with accurate information and I got a check within 2 months.  I will always use them if I need them in the future.

Posted by Debra August 21, 2019

Very, very good firm. Went over my issues, in a matter of 3 weeks, they already had a soluti